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Worst Car Ever Cleaned by us.

The obvious question for any car valeting company is what is the most disgusting car you've had to clean? For Autoval it  was probably this Volvo estate, although we have had quite a few close runners up. Bought by a motor trader in 1988 for       50 from a man who used it as a builder's van. Just cleaning the inside took three days, and the dirt was so bad that a shovel was used to clear the car out.





The valet cost the dealer 200 at the time, and he later sold the car for 1700. A profit of 1450 can't be bad for 200 worth of work. Our professional full valet can add between 200 and  500 to the value of a car and the average full valet costs just over 100, but most importantly a valet can make the difference between the  car being sold or not...


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