Car MPV & 4X4 Valeting

*55-75 Engine Steam Clean

Full engine and under bonnet steam clean, improves the looks and banishes the grime from your engine bay. Especially useful if you need to spot an oil leak or left the oil filler cap off by mistake. 

**55-75 Wash/Leather/Vacuum/Wax

Wheel clean, tyre sheen and body wash/wax, leather dry with hand applied Carnauba high wax. Plus sheen of bumpers and exterior trim. Windows cleaned inside and out. Thorough interior vacuum, including boot. Wipe over dashboard. A great and effective tidy up for newer or regularly valeted cars, especially if the paintwork and exterior trim needs some extra sparkle. Will not remove interior stains or bodywork blemishes.

***95-145 Full Interior Valet

Full interior valet, shampooing of head lining, seats and carpets. Cleaning and re finishing of all grubby internal vinyl or leather. Dashboard detailing. Windows cleaned inside and out. Boot area shampooed. If the interior is looking tired, or the kids/dog have trashed the inside of your car, this is the one for you. We can remove most stains, mud, chewing gum, sticky sweets, paint, hair, glue and pen marks.

****105-175 Full Interior & Exterior Valet

Full interior valet as above, plus full exterior valet. Steam cleaning of bodywork, wheels, wheel arches, door shuts, loose mats and spare wheel. This removes old wax and road grime from even the most inaccessible places. Then a high gloss Carnauba wax is applied by hand and all external trim refinished. If you want that new showroom look and feel good factor, our full valet is for you. Whether you are selling, buying, using your car for a special occasion, making an important impression, or just fed up with driving around in a tip.

*****135-195 Full Valet with Engine Steam

Full valet as above with the additional engine steam clean for those perfectionists.

From 100 Clay Bar & Compounding

To remove paintwork contamination, flat paintwork & minor scratches for that "Show" finish.

Motorcycle Valeting

* 55 Full Steam Clean

Our unique three stage full steam clean will amaze you and give results a mere jet wash cannot hope to achieve. It is the only way of removing all that built up chain oil and road crud from the most inaccessible places. 

** 75 Steam Clean & Full Valet

First we give your bike the full steam clean as described above and then hand compound and Carnauba high wax all the paintwork, polish and buff the chrome and re finish all the vinyl and plastic parts.

*** Alloy Polishing on Quotation

On some unfared and older motorcycles with exposed engines, we can compound and machine polish the aluminium castings to a mirror finish. Please call for a quote.


Exceptional Jobs on special quotation

The prices are a guide and apply to most Car, MPV 4X4's & Motorcycles. However occasionally we encounter exceptional jobs, including excessive dog hair, flooding, spillages, tar & paint spots, concretion, flat/dead paintwork, railway and chemical fallout etc. requiring special treatment. These jobs are impossible to quote for accurately on the phone, although we may be able to give you a rough guide price, based on similar problems we have encountered in the past. On viewing the job in hand we will give you a special quotation before we start so there are no nasty surprises when you get your bill.

Minimum Call Out

A minimum call out charge applies. This is normally included in the valeting charge, unless this falls below 75.

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