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Just a Few Examples of Work we have Undertaken

Graffiti / Paint Removal:

The subject of "Street Art!" this Rover and four other cars were sprayed with aerosol paint.



The owner of this Saab saw red when a tin of paint spilled out into his boot.





Upholstery Cleaning:

Some of the more challenging interior jobs. Kids, don't you just love them!  




Leather Cleaning:

This neat half & half example shows just how grubby leather can get.



Pen, Crayon, Gum & Goop Removal:

Door trim Art Nouveau. (Charlotte age 4).



Not sure what this is? Some sort of gooey plastic stuff embedded in the carpet.



Paint Scratches & Renovation:

These scratches on a six week old Mercedes are care of a 5 superstore car park "Valeting" effort! We had to machine compound the whole car to remove them.



Volvo with a typical car parking scrape.



Four stage paint restoration process, from flat pink back to shiny showroom red again..lovely!



Paintwork blemishes caused by suntan lotion. Commonly seen as immovable kids fingerprint marks around door handles.



Leaking & Flooded Cars:  

This VW Polo was caught in  the floods of 2017 & required a complete interior strip out, carpet & upholstery deep cleaning to remove mud and contaminated water. Then new underfelt cutting to size & replacing. Re fitting of interior trim, carpets & seats.





Dog Hair Removal:

Probably the most difficult thing to remove from a vehicle. The whole of this car interior was covered in them and took 5hrs to clean. We've had worse!!



Convertible Roof Cleaning:

This BMW's convertible roof had turned a fine shade of green after being parked under trees for some years. Now back to black.



Tree Sap & Residue:

This Saab was completely covered in glue like sap after several years parked under Fir trees.



Mouldy Interior:

This is what happens when you leave a car locked up & unused with a leaking sunroof for over a year!



Steam Cleaning for Export & Restoration:

Complete Steam clean as required for vehicle export to many countries.  




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